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Sega Game Gear

Game Gear System w/ 2 Battery Covers $20

Sega Game Gear Accessories

Name Price

A/C adaptor/power supply - Sega brand (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Car Adaptor brand new (GAME BOY COLOR) $3.00

Car Adaptor brand new 3rd party (GAME GEAR / NOMAD) $3.00

Carry case for system w/ pockets for games (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Game Gear battery cover - specify left or right (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Game Gear Master Gear converter to play master system games - NEW but outer box is missing (SEGA GAME GEAR) $18.00

Game Gear replacement screen (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Game Gear Sega brand car adaptor (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Game Gear system cleaning cartridge sega brand (GAME GEAR) $3.00

Game Genie (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Game Genie w/ book (GAME GEAR) $10.00

Magnifier screen 3rd party new in box (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Master Link - cable to use a genesis controller on a game gear system (GAME GEAR) $6.00

TV Tuner (GAME GEAR) $15.00

Sega Game Gear Games (New)

Name Price

Aladdin new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Caesars Palace new in box shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Chuck Rock new in box (GAME GEAR) $12.00

Columns/Tetris style game new in box. Name is in Japanese, can't read it (import) (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Deep Duck Trouble new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GAME GEAR) $7.00

Desert Speedtrap new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GAME GEAR) $8.00

Dynomite Headdy new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GAME GEAR) $10.00

Ecco The Tides of Time new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GAME GEAR) $8.00

Fred Couples Golf new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $6.00

James Pond II Codename Robocod new in box (GAME GEAR) $15.00

Jungle Book new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Lion King new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Making of Magic Knight new in box (import) (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Ms Pac-Man new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $7.00

PGA Tour Golf new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $6.00

Poker Face Pauls Black Jack new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GAME GEAR) $6.00

Poker Face Paul's Poker new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Poker Face Paul's Solitaire new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Riddick Bowe Boxing new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Slider (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Sonic Chaos new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $8.00

Sonic Spinball new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GAME GEAR) $8.00

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 new in box shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Speedy Gonzales Cheese Cat-Astrophe (GAME GEAR) $6.00

Spider Man (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Spider Man new in box (GAME GEAR) $12.00

Sports Trivia new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Super Battletank new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $7.00

VR Troopers new factory sealed (SEGA GAME GEAR) $15.00

Winter Olympics new shrinkwrapped (GAME GEAR) $8.00

Sega Game Gear Games (Used)

Name Price

5 in 1 Fun Pak (GAME GEAR) $7.00

Addams Family (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Aerial Assault (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Aladdin (GAME GEAR) $3.00

Aladdin in box w/ manual (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Alien 3 (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Andre Agassi Tennis (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Ariel The Little Mermaid (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Ax Battler- The Legend of Golden Axe in box w/ manual (GAME GEAR) $6.00

Batman Returns (SEGA GAME GEAR) $4.00

Batman Returns in box w/ manual (SEGA GAME GEAR) $4.00

Batter Up (GAME GEAR) $3.00

Beavis & Butthead (GAME GEAR) $4.00

Berenstain Bears Camping Adventure (GAME GEAR) $5.00

Bubble Bobble (GAME GEAR) $16.00

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