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Sega Genesis

** All Boxed games will include instructions when available.

GENESIS system $25 Includes console, a/c adaptor, 1 controller, RF tv hookup. Substitute A/V for RF add $2.

Genesis 3 system $30 Includes console, a/c adaptor, 1 controller, RF or A/V box

32X systems w/ adaptor and cable $40

Sega CD system w/ adaptor $60



Do you have a game that doesn't save? Game batteries replaced for $5 + $2 return postage.

Name Sega Genesis Accessories Price

Arcade stick 3 button sega brand (SEGA GENESIS) $15.00

Aura Interactor Reality Game Wear New Factory Sealed (SEGA GENESIS) $15.00

Capcom Soldier Pad GS controller brand new in package (SEGA GENESIS) $12.00

Car Adaptor for Game Gear, Nomad and Genesis II & 3 new 3rd party (SEGA) $3.00

Cleaning system Sega brand cartridge in box (SEGA GENESIS) $4.00

Controller 3rd party tested working (SEGA GENESIS) $4.00

Controller 6' extension cable (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Controller Sega brand 3 button (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

Controller Sega brand 6 button (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Eliminator cleaning kit for system and games new factory sealed (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

Game Genie (SEGA GENESIS) $7.00

Game Genie in box w/ codebook (SEGA GENESIS) $12.00

Game Genie with book (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Genesis 1 A/V cable (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Genesis 1 or 2 system manual (specify which one when ordering) (SEGA GENESIS) $3.00

Genesis 1, 2 or 3 A/C Adaptor/power supply (SEGA GENESIS) Specify when ordering. $7.00

Genesis 2 or 3 A/V cable (SEGA GENESIS) $4.00

Genesis 2 or 3 RF's new (3rd party) (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

Genesis 2 or 3 STEREO A/V cable new (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Genesis 6 button controller brand new 3rd party (SEGA GENESIS) $4.00

Genesis power supply for model 1 (SEGA GENESIS) $7.00

Genesis power supply for model 2 or 3 system - sega brand (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Justifier Light Gun -blue (SEGA GENESIS) $20.00

Multi-Play Player adaptor (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Pointmaster Fire control (SEGA GENESIS) $2.00

RF adaptor new, generic brand made for Genesis. Specify which Genesis model 1, 2 or 3 you have (SEGA GENESIS) $7.00

Sega CD system base extender (SEGA GENESIS) $15.00

Sega Rapid Fire (SEGA GENESIS) $3.00

Sega security bit - 4.5mm screwdriver bit to open Genesis cartridges (SEGA GENESIS) $7.00

Sega Team Player adaptor (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

SG Pro Pad controller new factory sealed - box bad shape (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Team Player adaptor new factory sealed (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Tyco Power Plug (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Tyco Power Plug (SEGA GENESIS) - Factory Sealed $7.00

X Band Modem new factory sealed (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Name Sega Genesis Games (New) Price

ATP Tour Championship Tennis new factory sealed (SEGA GENESIS) $5.00

Barbie Super Model new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $9.00

Barkley Shut Up and Jam 2 new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

College Football USA "96 -shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $4.00

College Football's National Championship II new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $4.00

Desert Demolition new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $22.00

Desert Strike Return to the Gulf new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Earth Defense new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $15.00

F-22 Interceptor new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $8.00

Family Feud new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $8.00

Funny World / Balloon Boy new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $10.00

Golden Axe new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $30.00

Izzy's Quest for Olympic Rings new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $7.00

Jeopardy New shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

Judge Dredd new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $7.00

Jungle Strike new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

Lemmings 2 Tribes new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $25.00

Mario Andretti Racing new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $6.00

Monopoly new shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $12.00

NFL 95 New in box shrinkwrapped (SEGA GENESIS) $3.00

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