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Sony Playstation

Playstation system original model $20. Includes console, a/c power cord, 1 controller, A/V or RF cable (whichever is


Upgrade to the mini system psone add $8

Name Sony Playstation Accessories Price


A/V cable new in package 3rd party (SONY PLAYSTATION2) $4.00

A/V cable universal, works for PSX, PS2, Xbox, N64, GC (SONY PLAYSTATION) - Brand New $6.00

Controller 6' extension cord gray (SONY PLAYSTATION) $3.00

Controller extension cord new in package - color can vary (SONY PLAYSTATION) $3.00

Controller, 3rd party - colors and brands can vary (SONY PLAYSTATION) $3.00

Final Fantasy VII Strategy Guide by Brady Games ( BOOKLET/GUIDE ONLY) $12.00

Final Fantasy VIII Strategy Guide by Brady Games ( BOOKLET/GUIDE ONLY) $6.00

Game carry case playstation brand zipper case holds 15 games or 7 doubles (SONY PLAYSTATION) $2.00

Game Shark CDX Game Enhancer vol 3.3 in box w/ VHS tape and book (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Game Shark NEW factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $20.00

Gameshark version 4 new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

Interact Driving wheel in box w/ manual (SONY PLAYSTATION) $12.00

Link cable - connect 2 systems brand new (SONY PLAYSTATION) $5.00

MadCatz Advanced Controller new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $4.00

Memory Card 3rd party (SONY PLAYSTATION) $2.00

Mouse controller new factory sealed - 3rd party (SONY PLAYSTATION) $4.00

Multi-tap 4-player adaptor official PSX brand gray (SONY PLAYSTATION) $5.00

Multi-tap 4-player adaptor official PSX brand gray in box (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Multi-tap 4-player adaptor official PSX brand white (SONY PLAYSTATION) $5.00

Namco Light Gun (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

Playstation Secret codes 4 paperback (SONY PLAYSTATION) $2.00

Playstation Ultimate Strategy Guide (SONY PLAYSTATION) $2.00

Psone A/V connection cable sony brand new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) Connects video equipment to $3.00

PSX brand memory cards (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

PSX memory card 1MB 3rd party new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $3.00

RF Adaptor new in box 3rd party (SONY PLAYSTATION) - New $5.00

S video + A/V Video Cable, (SONY PLAYSTATION / PLAYSTATION 2) - New $7.00

S video + A/V Video Cable, also has guncon connector (SONY PLAYSTATION / PLAYSTATION 2) - New $9.00

Screen for PSOne system Intec brand new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $80.00

Skateboard "Thrustmaster" controller - HUGE skateboard size controller (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

Sony Playstation brand controller gray (SONY PLAYSTATION) $4.00

Sony Playstation brand Dual Shock controller gray (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Ultra Racer Steering Controller by Interact in box w/ manual (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Name Sony Playstation Games (New) Price

Action Bass new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Action Man Operation Extreme new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $8.00

Activision Classics for the Atari 2600 new factory sealedl (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

All Star Racing 2 new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Apocalypse new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $14.00

Atari Anniversary Edition Redux new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

Baldies new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Ball Breakers new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Ballerburg: Castle Chaos new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

Beyblade new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Big League Slugger Baseball new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Big Strike Bowling new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Bombing Islands new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $10.00

Burstrick Wake Boarding new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $5.00

C-12 Final Resistance new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $5.00

Cabela's Big Game Hunter new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $12.00

Cardinal Syn new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Celebrity Deathmatch new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $6.00

Championship Surfer new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Chess new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $8.00

Collectors Edition EA Sports 3 Pack New factory sealed. NBA Live 2002, Nascar Thunder 2002 , Madden 2002 (SONY $8.00

Contender new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $7.00

Cool Boarders 4 inew shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $8.00

Crash Bandicoot Crash Bash new factory sealed (SONY PLAYSTATION) $16.00

Cubix Robots for Everyone new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $5.00

David Beckham Soccer new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $9.00

Die Hard Trilogy new shrinkwrapped (SONY PLAYSTATION) $25.00

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