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Nintendo Wii
Complete system includes console, wireless controller, a/v, power
cord and sensor bar $75

Name Nintendo Wii Accessories Price

A/V cable brand new 3rd party (NINTENDO WII) $6.00

Name Nintendo Wii Games (New) Price

Big Foot Collision Course new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $14.00

Cooking Mama World Kitchen new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $20.00

Counter Force new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $12.00

Dragon Blade new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $19.00

Golden Compass new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $12.00

Jumper Griffin's Story new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $19.00

My Sims Party new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $12.00

Naked Brothers Band new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $12.00

Spectrobes Origins new factory sealed (NINTENDO Wii) $12.00

Name Nintendo Wii Games (Used) Price

Battle of the Bands in case w/ manual (NINTENDO Wii) $10.00

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy in case w/ manual (NINTENDO Wii) $7.00

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess in case w/ manual (NINTENDO Wii) $12.00

Monster 4X4 World Circuit in case w/ manual (NINTENDO Wii) $10.00

Redsteel in case w/ manual (NINTENDO Wii) $10.00

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