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Microsoft Xbox

Xbox system $30. Includes console, a/c power cord, 1 controller and A/V cable

Microsoft Xbox Accessories

Name Price

A/V stereo cable universal, works for PSX, PS2, Xbox, N64, GC, SNES (SONY PLAYSTATION) - Brand New $6.00

AV + S video Cable new factory sealed (XBOX) $6.00

AV Cable, 3rd party, new (XBOX) $5.00

Control Pad 3rd Party black NEW factory sealed (XBOX) $8.00

Controller extension cable new factory sealed (XBOX) $3.00

DVD Playback Kit for Xbox $6.00

Memory Card 3rd party (XBOX) $5.00

Memory Card 3rd party brand new 16MB (XBOX) $13.00

Memory Card official XBOX brand (XBOX) $7.00

Rainbow Six 3 Strategy Guide by Prima ( BOOKLET/GUIDE ONLY) $2.00

RF adaptor new, 3rd party (XBOX) $5.00

RF adaptor XBOX BRAND new factory sealed (XBOX) $7.00

S-AV Cable, 3rd party, new (XBOX) $5.00

True Crime Streets of LA Strategy Guide (XBOX - BOOKLET/GUIDE ONLY) $2.00

XBOX brand DVD remote with receiver (XBOX) $7.00

Microsoft Xbox Games (New)

Name Price

Aquaman new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $10.00

Big Bumpin' new factory sealed - Burger King exclusive (XBOX) $8.00

Blowout NEW factory sealed (XBOX) $8.00

Burger King set - all 3 Burger King games (XBOX) $20.00

Charlie and the Choclate Factory (XBOX) - new factory sealed $12.00

Dark Summit - new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $20.00

Dead to Rights new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $9.00

Doom 3 (XBOX) $10.00

Godfather the game in case w/ manual (XBOX) $8.00

Guilty Gear X2 new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $12.00

GUN new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $18.00

Mechassault 2 new factory sealed (XBOX) $8.00

Mortal Kombat Deception new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $14.00

NCAA Football 2K3 (Sega) new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $20.00

Outlaw Holiday Golf new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $15.00

Pocket Bike Racer new factory sealed - Burger King exclusive (XBOX) $8.00

Pulse Racer (XBOX) $10.00

Sneak King new factory sealed - Burger King exclusive (XBOX) $8.00

Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $10.00

Tomb Raider Legend new shrinkwrapped (XBOX) $12.00

Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 in case w/ manual (XBOX) $6.00

Trigger Man (XBOX) - new factory sealed $8.00

Wallace & Gromit Curse of the Were-Rabbit in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

Microsoft Xbox Games (Used)

Name Price

Blood Wake in case w/ manual (XBOX) $6.00

Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon in case w/ manual (XBOX) $8.00

Burnout 3 Takedown in case w/ manual (XBOX) $7.00

Capcom Fighting Evolution in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind in case w/ manual (XBOX) $15.00

Genma Onimusha in case w/ manual (XBOX) $8.00

Godfather the game limited edition version in case w/ manual and sleeve (XBOX) $10.00

Halo 2 in case w/ manual (XBOX) $15.00

Halo in case w/ manual (XBOX) $15.00

James Bond 007 - Agent Under Fire in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

Justice League Heroes in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

Kakuto Chojin in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

Max Payne in case w/ manual (XBOX) $12.00

NFL Fever 2002 in case w/ manual (XBOX) $3.00

NHL Hitz 2002 in case w/ manual (XBOX) $3.00

RalliSport Challenge in case w/ manual (XBOX) $8.00

Sega GT2002 + Jet Set Radio Future in box w/ manual (XBOX) $8.00

Soul Calibur II in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

Spider-Man in case w/ manual (XBOX) $7.00

Star Wars Clone Wars + Tetris Worlds in box w/ manual (XBOX) $8.00

Toe Jam & Earl III Mission to Earth in case w/ manual (XBOX) $10.00

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