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BUYING/TRADING for your cards, publications, etc.

E-mail  us with a detailed description and condition of what you have and asking price.  

We will even pay your shipping on large deals or things we really need.  

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have anything to sell from this list below


Mets and Yankees REGULAR ISSUE Topps cards 1978 and older, 1994 and newer.   Sorry can’t use other issues like Stadium club, Finest, etc.  Just regular Topps and Topps Traded.

Mets and Yankees yearbooks, scorebooks, publications, etc.

Baseball cards in general pre 1976 - stars, sets, etc.

Topps Factory sealed baseball sets in nice clean boxes

Team issue publications and publications in general w/ good covers.

Remember we are buying to resell so we can't pay full book price for things.  No one pays full book for anything anymore.

Our retail customers expect a discount off of book value when they buy from us; so do we when we are buying.


TYPES OF THINGS WE ARE NOT BUYING - Sorry no interest, no need to contact us with these items.

Autographs - Don't know if they are real

Football, Basketball, Hockey items etc (we only want baseball, can't keep up with it all.)  

Cards from the 80’s and early 90’s


Beats the hell out of me.  We get 3-5 calls/e-mails like this per day.  I Don't mean to be harsh but we are so busy working with paying customers I can't spend the time to value your collections for free.  Value is very complicated and depends on condition and quality of the items.  Buy a price guide and start from there.  It is only a guide and won't tell you exactly what you can sell the items for but it is a good reference to start from. People charge thousands of dollars to sift through collections and appraise them.  Sorry I can’t do it for free, please don’t ask me to.

Baseball Cards, Sets, Oddball Items

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