Complete systems $18 – Includes console, power supply, video cable and RF box.
Vic20 Predates cable TV.  Add $1 for cable ready adaptor for RF.
12 KByte memory $2
Adventure Land w/ manual $5
Aggressor $10
Antimatter  (cassette) new shrinkwrapped in box $3
Biorythym Compatibility (cassette) new in box $3
Blue Meanies from Outer Space (cassette) new in box $3
Centipede $3
Clowns $7
Congo Bongo $7
Home Babysitter $5
Home Babystitter w/ manual $6
Mole Attack $7
Omega Race $4
Omega Race in box w/ manual $6
Omega Race new shrinkwrapped in box $8
Pilot Pursuit (cassette) new shrinkwrapped in box $3
Pin Ball $4
Pirates Cove $4
Pirates Cove w/ manual $5
Pole Position $6
Radar Ratrace $3
Raid on Fort Knox $6
Sam's Vic20 50 Easy to run Computer games cassette in case w/ book $2
Sam's Vic20 Games, Graphics and Applications cassette in case w/ book $2
Sea Wolf $8
Slither/Super Slither (cassette) new in box $3
Slot $5
Swamp Monster (cassette) new shrinkwrapped in box $3
Synthesound $2
The Count $4
Turtle Graphics $2
Vic Avenger in box $3
Voo Doo Castle $4
System manual/users  guide $2
Adventure games manuals $1 covers many of the above games.


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